NIOXIN Scalp Protect Serum

Protect the scalp during the hair-coloring process. Scalp Protect Serum is a salon-exclusive, dermatologist tested pre-color treatment with anti-irritation ingredients. With NioProtect Technology, the serum contains anti-irritation ingredients that help to protect the scalp during the oxidative coloring process. It remains on the scalp like a glove that protects the hand. The fragrance-free Scalp Protect Serum was tested in the presence of a dermatologist and has a pH value very similar to the scalp skin.


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Features & Benefits

  • With anti-irritation ingredients that help protect the scalp during hair colouring
  • Remains on the scalp like a glove that protects the hand
  • Tested in the presence of a dermatologist
  • PH value similar to the scalp skin
At a Glance
Application Area: Hair
How to Use

Apply the single-dose tube drop by drop every 2 to 3 cm on the whole scalp and gently massage it in. Wet residues need to be dried before the colour application.

Complement your Nioxin Scalp Protect Serum Pre-Color Treatment with Nioxin’s Color Lock Color Seal Treatment for optimal results.

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