Advanced Lash Eyelash Formula

ADVANCED Lash is a topical serum that is applied directly to the upper and lower eyelids near the lash line and the eyebrows. It is not mascara or eyeliner. The serum is colorless and odorless. ADVANCED Lash uses a unique cosmetic derivative of a high grade blend of bio-peptides and vitamins for its “Triple Lash Action” to: help stimulate growth and nourish lashes and brows for denser, thicker and longer appearance; keep nourish and condition lashes to keep them flexible and minimize breakage; and help strengthen the root of the lash to prevent premature fallout. As your lashes naturally grow longer and thicker, they become heavier. The eyelash root is not always strong enough to support the natural weight of the lash but with ADVANCED Lash your lashes can be look and feel stronger … longer!

Advanced Lash has been clinically shown to yield dramatic results in as little as 4 – 6 weeks with continued daily use.

ADVANCED Lash is physician formulated and ophthalmologist tested for safety. It’s safe to use with contact lenses.

ADVANCED Lash is a proprietary blend of bio-peptides, vitamins and natural extracts combined with a powerful cosmetic derivative of pharmaceutical ingredients.

ADVANCED Lash is CLINICALLY SHOWN to noticeably improvement in eyelash density, length, and thickness of upper and/or lower eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks with once a day application.

This formula has been clinically shown to:

· Enhance the growth of your natural lashes and brows.

· Help darken lash color so you can go natural – no mascara necessary!

· Help improve the density of your lashes and brows so they appear fuller, thicker!

· Help nourish and condition fragile lashes so they are more flexible and protected against cosmetic and environmental damage!

· Each bottle is 3ml which is approximately a 1-month supply of serum.

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